PhotoGuru Media Player

PhotoGuru Media Player is designed to display photos and videos from various file- and photo hosting services on Android-based phones, tablets, smart TVs and set-top boxes. The intuitive and beautiful user interface gives users easy access to the photos and provides an inexpensive way to showcase photos and videos in the most professional way possible.

The app is compatible with Google’s Android TVs as well as Amazon’s FireTV and FireTV Stick media players and supports 4K Ultra-HD true-life picture quality on the 4K capable FireTV and NVidia Shield devices.

PhotoGuru Media Player can access photos and videos from the following cloud-based photo- and file hosting services:

Cloud Storage Provider Photos Videos Notes
Facebook X X
Zenfolio X X
Amazon Cloud Drive X X
Google Drive X X
Picasa X X
Google Photos X X
Microsoft SkyDrive X X High bit-rate videos may stutter (*)
Microsoft OneDrive X X High bit-rate videos may stutter (*)
Dropbox X X High bit-rate videos may stutter (*)
Windows Server (Samba / CIFS) X X High bit-rate videos may stutter (*)

(*) Cloud Storage Service does not downscale videos – i.e. the videos are streamed back in the original resolution even if the mobile device can’t handle the bitrate


The PhotoGuru manual can be downloaded from here:  Printable Version


Photos and videos can be presented automatically in slideshow mode with various transitions in-between them (Ken Burns, random, slide-in, fly-in, dissolve and pan&zoom) in conjunction with 8 different picture frame styles. If available, videos are integrated into the slideshow and start automatically. Swiping gestures allow users to quickly scroll through photo- and video collection and zooming is supported via pinch-zoom.


Slideshows can be shared via short 5 character codes that expire after 24 hours. For example, users can share a slideshow and then email the code to friends, family or clients. Users can also use their tablet to share a slideshow and then enter the 5-character code on their TV.

Read-only Access

PhotoGuru accesses all cloud-based file- and photo hosting services in read-only mode and is designed to give clients, friends and family easy access to photos without allowing them to modify the hosted photos or videos.

Languages and Translations

The application supports English, German and Italian. Please contact us if your are interested in localizing the application into your native language in exchange for a lifetime license of the app.

Supported File Formats

Videos:  MP4, 3GP, MKV.

The software also supports the following Apple QuickTime formats: MV4, MOV, 3GP, 3G2.


The app is compatible with all Android devices running Android 4.2 and up. It was primarily designed for Android TV devices (NVidia Shield, Sony Bravia TVsMiBox 4K, Nexus PlayerAmazon FireTV)  but it also runs on high resolution Android tablets and phones as well as the AmiDuOs Android emulator.

Download and Cost

The app is ad-free (we really dislike ads !) and does not cost anything. In order to keep it that way and to remove a trial message within the app, we ask you to purchase the module for the cloud-storage provider that you use for approximately $3.50 (the exact price varies due to currency fluctuations). Proceeds are used to fund further development and to purchase new hardware (e.g we just purchased a new Shield device to test 4K rendering).

You can download the application to your Android device from one of the following app stores:

Google Play Store (German):