Guru News Ticker – Enterprise Edition

Deliver corporate communications to employees or customers

The Guru News Ticker Enterprise Edition revolutionizes business communications. Mailing out newsletters or notices involves paper and printing costs, as well as employee time to process the mail. Many companies use websites and mass email as electronic alternatives to paper communications with employees and customers, but both options are burdened with issues such as spam-killer software blocking email, people changing email addresses, or simply not visiting your website. Guru News Ticker Enterprise Edition provides a better way to communicate.

Communicate with Employees

Imagine, no more excuses from employees who “didn’t get the memo.” With Guru News Ticker Enterprise Edition installed across your network, the corporate news headlines appear right on employee screens, yet take up minimal space. Broadcast sales figures, distribute rule changes or updated guidelines– any information you need your employees to know can be read with Guru. Delivery of company news is fast and easy, even with sensitive internal communications because the Guru News Ticker Enterprise Edition can access username/password protected channels. The program requires the employee to enter their information every time, or stores the access codes, whichever you prefer. Guru is fully customizable, and you are in control. Decide what channels, if any, besides the corporate news your employees can access.

Communicate with Customers

Internet communications with customers usually consists of an email or online newsletter, sent to everyone on your corporate email list. If email addresses are entered in wrong, or if the customer changes their address, then your communications go undelivered. Save time on the upkeep of your email list as well as the expense of paper and postage for regular newsletters. Distribute Guru News Ticker Enterprise Edition to your customers. All they need is an Internet connection to receive news from you about upcoming sales, product launches and much, much more. News is delivered fast, usually within minutes, and can benefit a wide variety of companies. Ski Resort? Use your corporate Guru channel to inform customers about the snow conditions and pass specials. Restaurant? Advertise special events, coupons or limited-time menu options.

Increase Brand Awareness

Guru News Ticker Enterprise Edition can be co-branded by adding your company logo to the program toolbar (see example to the right). With a co-branded version of Guru News Ticker Enterprise Edition, you simply add information to a corporate news channel and, within minutes, your news scrolls across employee or customer desktops, taskbars or browsers.

Easy Deployment

The product is very easy to deploy via well established tools such as Microsoft’s System Management Service (SMS). Alternatively, system administrators can either copy four files directly to the remote machine (one of the files needs to be registered via regsvr32.exe) or they can run the installer with the a special command line argument on the client machine (see product help file for more details).

Anything you can write or provide a web page link for, Guru can deliver

Guru News Ticker Enterprise Edition is a true leap forward in communications. It delivers all the news you need to distribute from within a single scrolling line of text. Or, users can access the unique Live Bookmarks window, which displays an automatically-updating list of headlines in the left side of their web browser. To save even more desktop space, the Ticker can be configured as a toolbar button, with your company logo as the gateway to headlines in a drop-down menu. The Guru News Ticker Enterprise Edition is based on the award-winning Guru News Ticker & RSS Reader. It is compatible with Unicode news feeds which enables users to receive and read headlines in character sets such as Chinese, Japanese and Arabic. The product supports RSS, RDF and ATOM Internet news feed standards and is an ideal candidate to access corporate news. Guru fully integrates into the Windows desktop, the taskbar and Microsoft Internet Explorer. Move into the new era of efficient business communications. Guru News Ticker Enterprise Edition is a one-stop information center for your employees and customers.

Sales Inquiries:

The product is competitively priced and we offer discounts for nonprofit organizations such as schools, universities, clubs, etc. Please send inquires for pricing to the email address shown on our Contact page.